Man and woman standing outside a house. The man is holding a rugby ball and has his arm around the woman.For many people alcohol and social situations are a trigger for smoking. For your first few weeks as a non-smoker you may wish to avoid situations with alcohol - it can lower your inhibitions so you think less about the consequences of having a cigarette.

Try these tips if you get cravings when you drink or in social situations:

  • Avoid alcohol until you feel stronger, as it can lower your inhibitions
  • Stay inside or in non smoking areas
  • Try out drinking through a straw
  • Let people know you have quit – and ask them not to offer you cigarettes
  • Choose non-smoking thoughts or affirmations to use e.g. 'I am in control of my life – cigarettes don't control me'.
  • Keep your hands and mouth busy with a straw, toothpick or lollipop You could also try texting, marbles, or a stress ball
  • Have an escape plan if things get too much