Did you know, in New Zealand, sales of cigarettes and tobacco are worth more than $1.3 billion every year.

Tobacco companies sell the only consumer product that kills people when used as the manufacturer intends.

Until recently, the tobacco industry has denied all or most of the health effects from smoking and secondhand smoke. But court action in the United States shows that for more than 50 years the tobacco industry has been aware of the harm smoking causes.

The industry is against smokefree policies. For example, people who have to go outside to have a cigarette end up smoking less and even quitting. This means the tobacco industry loses profits.

The tobacco industry markets ‘light’ and ‘mild’ cigarettes as safer. In fact these cigarettes carry the same risk of lung cancer, heart attacks and other tobacco-caused diseases as ‘regular’ cigarettes.

Do you really want to give the tobacco industry your money?