Father and daughter

Being clear about your reasons to quit smoking can help you stay motivated. You might find it useful to write a list and pin it up somewhere you can see or keep it with you. For many people, the main reasons to quit are: 

  • Health benefits of quitting
  • Money benefits
  • Family

    Other great reasons to quit include:   
  • Your appearance - Smoking starves your skin of oxygen making it dry and grey. You develop wrinkles around your eyes and mouth much earlier, and the tar stains your teeth and fingers.
  • Smell - Your hair and breath will smell cleaner. So will your house, car and clothes.
  • Lifestyle reasons - Being a smoker can be a nuisance, like when you are on a plane or train and can't smoke, or when you are out with friends who don't smoke.
  • Taking control - Quitting smoking is a challenge. Once you have set the goal to quit and succeeded, you will feel really proud of yourself. Quitting helps you take on other challenges.
  • Fitness - Smoking makes it harder for you to exercise and reduces the benefits to your body.
  • Your senses - Your sense of smell and taste will get better.

What are your reasons to quit?