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TV campaigns

You can view our past and present advertising campaigns below:

Smoker's Cough (2018)

Homecare Medical worked with the Health Promotion Agency to launch a mid-year advertising campaign on TV, radio and social media to promote our new 4006 text service. The TV ad features a man with a young family whose smoker's cough develops into lung cancer. The other ads focused on promoting our new 4006 text service. The campaign started on May 21st and ran until June 24th.

Smoker's cough TV ad screengrab 1   Smoker's cough TV ad screengrab 2   Smoker's cough TV ad screengrab 3
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I've Been There, And Now I'm Here (2016)

In 2016 Homecare Medical and the Health Promotion Agency worked together to create a new set of ads featuring stories from our Quitline Advisors. In the ads we spotlight three Advisors - Sonya, Dave and Jordan (and their friends and whānau) who talk about their experiences with smoking, quitting and helping other New Zealanders quit. They also talk about a number of aspects of the Quitline service.

The ads started in February and ran throughout the year, starting with Sonya:

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Pacific Campaign (2015)

Launched in 2015, our Pacific campaign features real stories from Pacific Island people who approached us at the 2015 Pasifika Festival. These people shared how smoking has affected their lives and the lives of their families. Their stories featured in a range of online videos, radio ads and 'adshel' posters.

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Crayons (2014/2015)
The Crayons campaign was developed by Māori Television in August 2014. It targets people in high smoking prevalence populations and aims to  encourage quitting  by showing the negative impact smoking has on children. The campaign focuses on children who come from a loving, happy home in which the adults around them smoke. As a result, the children believe smoking is normal. We see them mimicking the adults smoking using crayons as they amusingly pretend to blow out smoke and light their crayons.

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